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Virtual Office Support


Do you struggle to keep on top of the various competing administrative demands of running a coaching business or consultancy? As an executive coach or business consultant, you are continually judged by your clients on how well you run your own business. Are you confident that you are creating the best possible impression? Are you aware that you are in need of administrative support but don’t have the time or resources to recruit a new member of staff?


how logique virtual support can help

With over 17 years’ experience of providing administrative assistance to professionals, 12 of those years within the UK-based executive coaching, organisational psychology and consulting spheres, Logique Virtual Support can help you to ensure that the professionalism and value of your brand are reflected and enhanced by the administrative processes and systems which operate behind the scenes of your business.

By delegating your administrative tasks to a virtual assistant you can be confident that the office management side of your business is in safe hands, freeing you up to spend more time with clients, growing your business, or striking an improved work/life balance.

but isn’t hiring a virtual assistant expensive?

Do you believe hiring a virtual assistant is a costly luxury? It might surprise you to learn that it is quite the contrary, and indeed, saves unnecessary expenditure. In fact, in this ever-evolving digital age, a virtual administrative assistant is rapidly becoming the more efficient, cost-effective, flexible and sought-after alternative to employing a traditional office-based PA. Representing your business professionally, skillfully and seamlessly, your clients would never know that your VA is not based in your workplace!

If you are an executive coach or consultant who supports clients in their own business endeavours, it is critical that you have an efficient and smooth administrative process operating behind the scenes, reflecting your own expertise and the professionalism and value of your brand.

I’m interested. what are the next steps?

  1. Scroll down further below to read about the kinds of virtual assistant services provided by Logique Virtual Support, learn about the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant over a traditional office-based PA, and discover some client reviews.

  2. Book a free, 1-hour consultation to find out more about how hiring a virtual assistant can help your business. Choose a convenient time from the online calendar or simply click the button below to send a message or to set up a time to discuss your requirements.

Virtual Support Services

email & diary Management

  • Appointment scheduling/resheduling

  • Telephone calls

  • Inbox maintenance

  • Address book compilation

  • Mailing list maintenance

  • Arranging travel & workshops

General Administration

  • Typing & transcription

  • Spreadsheet/database creation & maintenance

  • Online research

  • Task list management

  • Process tracking & project management

  • Electronic filing systems

Writing & Proofreading

  • Emails

  • Blogs

  • Letters

  • Newsletters

  • Contracts

  • Marketing materials

  • Website content


Online Presence

  • Website audits

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • Social media assistance

  • Online marketing assistance

  • E-commerce solutions


  • Invoicing

  • Chasing payments

  • Expense tracking & processing

  • Financial reporting


  • Data analysis & reporting

  • Competitor research & analysis

  • Website analytics and bench-marking

HR support

  • Job spec creation

  • Ad placement

  • CV sifting & initial interviews

  • Psychometrics

Lifestyle Management

  • Appointment booking

  • Online research

  • Online shopping

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Why Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

  • Less expensive than hiring an on-site team member - no lengthy recruitment process or agency fees.

  • No payroll to process or employee benefits to pay.

  • No equipment or office running costs.

  • Only pay for the time you need and use.

  • Flexible working hours.

  • Spend more time growing your business or on fee-earning work.

  • Run a more efficient and productive business.

  • Project a slick and professional image to your clients.

  • Draw upon my 17 years’ experience as an executive assistant in the UK, 12 of those within the coaching/consulting sectors, and 7 of those working remotely for clients.

  • Work along slide a highly professional business which is compliant with GDPR requirements, and has professional indemnity plus cyber insurance coverage.


What My Clients Say

Below are some recommendations from clients and colleagues.

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