Four Ways to Make Your Psychometric Tests & Feedback Tools More Successful #1

Over the course of four separate blog posts, I will share with you the four key factors which will enhance the success of your online psychometric feedback tools. Drawing upon over 12 years' experience of setting up and running psychometric tools and feedback surveys for clients, in this post I will cover the first of four invaluable techniques which will ensure the success and efficacy of your online psychometric tests and surveys. 

1. Factor in just the right amount of time for questionnaire completions. 

Honed over many years of psychometrics survey administration, I have identified an ideal timescale which ensures a high completion rate for questionnaires where there are multiple reviewers per reviewee, which in turn facilitates the generation of survey reports in a timely fashion without any last minute scrambles for information. Too long a time frame and participants can become complacent, leaving the task until the last minute. Too short a time frame and you risk not being able to collect enough feedback to create a viable report. I call it my 1-2-1-1 survey schedule and it runs like this:

  • Factor in 1 week for reviewees to make their reviewer nominations (or the client organisation to submit the reviewer details for uploading)

  • This is followed by two weeks for the collection of feedback data from reviewers, along with reviewees' self-reviews (with a soft deadline)

  • Allow 1 extra week for collecting any late feedback (with a hard deadline)

  • And finally, 1 week to generate and send the reports to the client.

The first step is to put in place an effective survey schedule.

The first step is to put in place an effective survey schedule.

This is a tried and tested formula, perfected over many years of psychometrics survey administration, which has yielded great results for my clients, irrespective of which business sector they come from. Be aware, however, that if your data collection process falls over the course a public holiday when participants may be away, it would be wise to factor in some additional time. 

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