How to Turn PowerPoint into Prezi

When embedding PowerPoint presentations into websites, it is important to ensure that the content is as engaging as possible, which is why a simple sequence of static slides is not necessarily the best solution. This led me to research various alternatives to PowerPoint, such as Prezi, Focusky, Haiku Deck and others, in order to identify a more attractive way to display slide content. However, in doing so, I actually discovered that PowerPoint itself is already equipped with the functionality to replicate some of the eye-catching effects of Prezi, notably, the ‘zoom reveal’.

Using the ‘Morph’ option from the slide ‘Transitions’ menu within PowerPoint creates a seamless animation effect which gives the impression of zooming in and out of particular objects. Below is an example of a PowerPoint presentation I designed for leadership advisory firm, Stokes & Jolly, which incorporates this animation effect.